How to enhance the reading habits of your children

Reading is very important as it is the main way of acquiring knowledge. There are however several people that find it difficult to read due to the fact that they were not imbued with reading habits when they were still kids. There are steps parents can take towards enhancing the reading habits of their children. Some of these steps are explained below.

Reading to the child

Children love their parent reading to them. This could be due to the fact that children love spending time with their parents and this presents them an opportunity to spend time with their parents. This love is subsequently also reflected in their reading habits as they grow up. Parents should therefore get interesting novels for their kids and regularly read such for them. It is however vital that the novel is something for their age grade. It is also possible to get enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore, where the teachers would regularly read to their children. Based on this, reading will become a normal habit for them and their love for reading will increase.

Encourage the child to ask questions

Asking questions is a very important way of getting guidance in life. Furthermore, the major reason why people ask questions is due to curiosity. Curious children also tend to read more as they would always want to know the reason for which a particular event is happening. One of the ways through which parents can enhance the reading skills of their children is to encourage them to always ask questions.

Naturally, children are always very curious and they can sometimes ask a number of strange and funny questions. No matter how strange the questions might sound, it is vital that parents answer the question as much as they can. Even in instances where they do not want to answer that particular question for any reason, they should not do it in such a way that it would discourage the child from asking another question then or later.

Parents can also sometimes point them to books where the answers to such questions are. This would help the child develop the ability to consult books for answers when they have a question. Enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore can also be organized by their parents where they would have a teacher they can ask questions as well as the teacher giving them assignments that would make them have to look for answers after the teacher has left.

Time management

Parents should aid their kids in managing their time every day. This will help the child to be organized, as well as have time for everything. Based on this, they would also have time for reading and doing their school work. As they become better with time management, they will always adhere to this time and this would enhance their reading habits. By the time they are teenagers, they would be able to make their own time tables and have their own reading times, even without the aid of their parents.

Where you should take your toddler: A day care or a preschool

When parents decide to take their toddlers to school, they are sometimes confused as to if they should opt for a day care or a preschool. Most day cares and preschools do attend to toddlers. Both preschool and day care have their advantages and disadvantages. Information about day care and preschool as well as their advantages and disadvantages are discussed below to guide parents so that they are able to choose based on whichever they prefer.

Day care

A day care, sometimes referred to as child learning center, child enrichment center or child care center, is a place where parents can live their kids. Parents should however not take the child learning center or child enrichment center to mean enrichment classes for toddlers are organized in the day care center without confirming first. This is because the major objective of day care centers is for parents to have a place to leave their kids during the day time.

Based on this, day care centers operate for a longer period of time, between the hours of 7.00 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. for most. Others open a bit earlier than 7.00 a.m. and could operate till as late as 7.00 p.m. However, most day care centers only concentrate on feeding the child, changing their diapers and ensuring that they are comfortable as opposed to teaching them. The major advantage of the day care center is the fact that they operate for longer hours, while the major disadvantage is that most of them do not offer academic services for toddlers.


The same services are normally offered by pre-kindergarten and preschool. In most cases, the preschools could have different classes based on the age of the kids. They therefore have a particular class for infants. The classes are there so that they can teach the kids, based on their age and ability.

Preschools are more of schools where education takes place and their emphasis is not on providing a place for parents to keep their toddlers during the day time. Based on this, preschools have curricular for their enrichment class for toddlers, where the toddlers are taught academics.

Most preschools only operate between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. In most cases, the price for preschools could be more expensive than those for day care centers, due to the fact that they have to buy educational materials and teaching aids to teach the child, as well as offer the services that are offered in day care center such as feeding, changing of diapers and ensuring the comfort of the kids. The major advantage of the preschool therefore is the fact that toddlers are taught academic work while the major disadvantage is the higher price and shorter operating hours.


Parents who are looking for places where their child can stay for a longer period irrespective of if they are taught can opt for day care, while those who are more interested in the education of the toddler can opt for preschool. It is however possible for a parent to look for a day care that operates the same long hours and offers academic services.

3 Hints to raise a healthy and genius toddler

Before becoming a mother, I devoted a lot of time towards studying about children and how best to train them. I came across a couple of books and articles about raising genius children as well. These books concentrated on how to teach and train a child so that they are able to develop genius ability, right from where they are kids. When I started to have my own children, I started to observe them from the moment they were born. Here are some lessons I learned about raising a healthy and genius child.

Showing colourful pictures or toys on the wall of a baby’s room

Children are always attracted to colourful pictures and toys wherever they find them. Putting pictures and toys on the wall of the room of your toddler is therefore a very good idea as it would always draw their attention. Looking at the pictures and toys, help in the development of the mind concentration and focus of the toddler’€™s eyes. From time to time, you might try to change the places where the pictures and toys are placed to enhance the thinking of the baby as well. Once in a while, the parents could organize classes for toddlers where he or she shows the child the pictures and toys and try to explain their colors and significance. All of these have a way of helping the child to be more intelligent than their peers of the same age, who did not have the same advantage.

Exclusive breastfeeding for at least 3 months

The breastmilk is the natural milk that is secreted from mothers for feeding their babies. Several studies and articles have stated how breast milk is the best for feeding babies. These studies stated that the breast milk contains a lot of nutrition that is needed for the overall development of babies including mental development. It is natural and a basic meal for every baby. If you are therefore looking forward to having a healthy and genius toddler and beyond, then you should breastfeed exclusively for 6 months. If, for any reason, you have to go below this, it is vital that you do not go below 3 months.

Antenatal and postnatal training and counselling

Expecting mothers should endeavour to register for antenatal classes the moment they find out that they are pregnant. The antenatal classes are vital as they would have the opportunity to exercise, while being guided by an expert. They would also get regular advice about what to do and how to take care of their child. Regular tests would also be carried out to check the health of mother and child as well as advice and give prescriptions that can help the mother and child. Furthermore, foods that are great for expectant mothers will also be discussed. Mothers will be discouraged from taking foods that could harm them or their child. All of these would help in having a healthy and genius toddler.

How to help your children learn Chinese

There are several reasons for which more people are trying to learn Chinese. Prominent among these reasons is the fact that China is now becoming a great country in the world due to its rising economy. A lot of parents are also taking steps to help their children learn Chinese as a second language, as they believe it would come in handy in the future. It is believed that compared to adults, it is easier for kids to learn about a second language.

Through the Internet

There are several websites that have online courses that teaches Chinese for kids. Kids can be allowed to access the website and learn from the website on their own. This could, however, be a bit difficult as the children might not be able to really learn much. There is also the probability that they would need the help of an adult to help them browse through the website and access the materials. If this help is not available due to the tight schedule of their parents, then the attempt to help them learn Chinese through the Internet could be futile.

Through mobile applications

There are a number of mobile applications that teaches kids how to learn various languages. While some of the applications only concentrate on a particular language, others have option of learning 2 or more different languages. For both categories, there are a lot that teaches Chinese for children. Parents can therefore install 1 or 2 of these applications on a smartphone for their children. The children can subsequently access the applications during their own free time to learn how to speak Chinese. The applications to learn Chinese that are directed towards kids are always very colourful and have a lot of games and animations. They are very attractive and also easy to navigate, that the kids could be able to do some of this on their own. When possible, parents can make time to stay with their kids as they learn the new language.

By getting Chinese teacher for them

This is arguably the most effective way for a child to learn to learn how to speak Chinese. The teacher would probably have a fixed time that he comes around, probably on a daily basis or twice a week. There will, therefore, be a high level of discipline and the child will have to be ready once he comes around. This is as opposed to the other 2 option where the child might not be consistent in the learning of the language, especially when there is no adult supervising and guiding him or her. This option therefore allows the kid to learn faster as opposed to the other options, where their lack of consistency can slow down how fast they learn or make them not go far while learning the language. The Chinese teacher will be able to correct their intonation when they make mistakes, as well as teach them at their own pace.