3 Hints to raise a healthy and genius toddler

Before becoming a mother, I devoted a lot of time towards studying about children and how best to train them. I came across a couple of books and articles about raising genius children as well. These books concentrated on how to teach and train a child so that they are able to develop genius ability, right from where they are kids. When I started to have my own children, I started to observe them from the moment they were born. Here are some lessons I learned about raising a healthy and genius child.

Showing colourful pictures or toys on the wall of a baby’s room

Children are always attracted to colourful pictures and toys wherever they find them. Putting pictures and toys on the wall of the room of your toddler is therefore a very good idea as it would always draw their attention. Looking at the pictures and toys, help in the development of the mind concentration and focus of the toddler’€™s eyes. From time to time, you might try to change the places where the pictures and toys are placed to enhance the thinking of the baby as well. Once in a while, the parents could organize classes for toddlers where he or she shows the child the pictures and toys and try to explain their colors and significance. All of these have a way of helping the child to be more intelligent than their peers of the same age, who did not have the same advantage.

Exclusive breastfeeding for at least 3 months

The breastmilk is the natural milk that is secreted from mothers for feeding their babies. Several studies and articles have stated how breast milk is the best for feeding babies. These studies stated that the breast milk contains a lot of nutrition that is needed for the overall development of babies including mental development. It is natural and a basic meal for every baby. If you are therefore looking forward to having a healthy and genius toddler and beyond, then you should breastfeed exclusively for 6 months. If, for any reason, you have to go below this, it is vital that you do not go below 3 months.

Antenatal and postnatal training and counselling

Expecting mothers should endeavour to register for antenatal classes the moment they find out that they are pregnant. The antenatal classes are vital as they would have the opportunity to exercise, while being guided by an expert. They would also get regular advice about what to do and how to take care of their child. Regular tests would also be carried out to check the health of mother and child as well as advice and give prescriptions that can help the mother and child. Furthermore, foods that are great for expectant mothers will also be discussed. Mothers will be discouraged from taking foods that could harm them or their child. All of these would help in having a healthy and genius toddler.

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