A Simple Guide To Choose The Right Upholstery Fabric

When selecting upholstery fabric, some aspects might seem very obvious like choosing a colour, which is generally the most important factor that many consider for fabric selection. Though, while colour is very important, there are some other factors also that you need to consider so that you end up making the right choice. Here’s a simple guide that lists out the factors to consider for choosing the right upholstery fabric.

Get a swatch

Generally, upholstery service stores that sell good quality upholstery fabric provide customers with swatches to be checked out. Try to keep the swatch for many days and live with it to find out how it appears in various kinds of light. If you’re approaching upholstery service Singapore, some stores may request for a deposit amount on the swatch, which they will refund after returning the fabric. On the other hand, there are some other upholstery service Singapore stores that may permit customers to place an order for a memo sample (nothing but a larger swatch).


Choosing patterns is the most difficult decision when we talk about upholstering a furniture piece. If you’re confused on choosing between simple or bold patterns, experts advise you to consider the room size, overall item size to be covered, number of items in the same room, and the room décor. For example, if there’s a single large couch with several smaller items in a room, a bold pattern will look good.

Fabric Colour

The colour of the upholstery fabric can change the look of the entire room. In fact, this is the most obvious factor that many consider when selecting upholstery fabric and that’s because this is what creates the strongest impact. Ensure that you select a colour that you can be happy with for a long time. If you’ve pets and children, avoid delicate colours. Consider the temperature of the colour to strike the ideal mood. Since cool and warm hues affect a room’s mood, ensure to choose the right fabric colour for the right mood.

While considering the above aspects, don’t fail to take into account the quality and cost factors as well. Do consider buying a good quality fabric as you’ll have to live with the same fabric for a significant amount of time and so quality matters a lot. Hope this guide helped you understand what to look for when choosing fabric for your upholstery.

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