Top 5 Enrichment Classes For Toddlers

Despite being able to find everything you want when searching for an enrichment class for toddlers, the fact is that there are some that parents keep revisiting.

Here are the top 5 enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore:

#1: Swimming:

Most toddlers love the water and love playing in the water. So, nothing is better than learning to dominate their movements, learning the breathing effects, and developing new skills while on the water. You can choose between putting your toddler in a group lesson or to have a private lesson. Since he is still a toddler and he needs to communicate with others as well as socialize, the best option would be a group class.

#2: Learning Mandarin:

Many parents want their toddlers to learn to speak Mandarin. While there are several reasons, the fact is that your toddler can learn a new language starting at the age of 2. One of the parents may be Chinese and want their child to speak his language as well; you may want to prepare your toddler to go to an international school, among other reasons.

#3: Diverse Activities:

When you can find a place where they include ways to develop children emotionally, cognitively, and physically in their classes, this might be just perfect for your toddler. Incorporating music relays, dance, gymnastics, games special rides, and others will make your toddler happy and you’ll see the almost immediate positive effects.

#4: Baking And Cooking:

Yes, toddlers are too young to handle cooking and baking on their own. So, this is one kind of class that is perfect to be shared between the toddler and the parents. This is a great way to make your toddler listen to you and follow instructions. But above all, you’ll be both cooking and baking together, and establishing a deep bond. Plus, you’ll make some delicious goodies.

#5: Football:

When we talk about sports, football usually is one of the sports that are mostly chosen by parents for their toddlers. In fact, football is one of the best enrichment classes for toddlers. They will be great to promote the balance and agility of your toddler, as well as allowing them to try out new exercises. When they are able to complete them, their confidence will be boosted.

As you can see, from helping the physical development of your toddler to their social skills, the confidence in themselves, and above all, learning by fun, is one of the best things you can do for your toddler. Just make sure to provide him with a vast choice and don’t make him attend a class he doesn’t like.